Common Copier Lease Mistakes

If you have never gotten a copier lease before then there are some things you are going  to want to know. Getting a great deal on a lease is not always as easy as people would like it to be. There are a lot of bad salespeople who used tricks to get more money from you than they should. Knowing the common copier lease mistakes beforehand can save you from a lot of pain later on. 

  1. Getting something much more expensive than you need. Many people find themselves working with a machine that is much more than they need. You might not even be aware that you are overspending. Sales people like to get new buyers to get something that they know works extremely well, but is something much more grandiose than they need. Be conservative and stay within your means.
  2. Buying too many prints. One of the best ways that salespeople make money is to get you to buy more prints than you need. They will make it sound like a good investment that is helping you be safe. All that is really happening is that you are throwing money away on prints that you will never use.
  3. Not looking at the details. Everyone knows that reading through a lease isn’t extremely exciting. However, it can really help you down the road. Take the time to look at all the details and understand everything you are agreeing to. It’s hard to go back once you’ve signed a lease.

Another common mistake is to work with copier leasing companies who don’t care about your business. That won’t be the case when you work with our staff at Copier Chicago. We can help your business get to where it needs to be, without all the trouble.