Understanding Discontinued Copiers

If you have a copier than you love then you generally don’t want to change it. However, your leasing company may tell you that your machine has been discontinued. This can leave you in a strange place as you try to figure out how to move forward. Understanding what to do with a discontinued copier is all about understanding one simple thing.

All copier companies, by law, must keep their parts available for discontinued machines available to the public for at least 5 years after they discontinue the model.

This means that your machine may still have parts available as long as it has not been discontinued for longer than 5 years. There are a few scenarios where this can affect you.

  1. You have stuck with the same machine for a long time
  2. You got an older model to save money
  3. You bought a used copier
  4. The model you user is less popular than most

A discontinued machine just means that they aren’t producing that model anymore. That doesn’t mean that you will need an upgrade right away. Many people will be able to finish their lease without problem. Talk with your leasing company to learn about your machine, but leave the final decision to yourself.