Why You Should Only Buy Xerox Genuine Supplies

Xerox Toner

Why should you buy Xerox genuine toner? What difference does it make? As you might know, toner is the breathing soul of every multifunction printer (MFP). Therefore, buying only the best toner for your Xerox is extremely crucial. 

But every day, people opt for black and white or color bargain toners for a very simple reason: price. However, in the case of printer ink, you get what you pay for. 

Bargain toner, in the long run, will damage your printer. You’ll often find hardware issues with your MFPs. The quality or sustainability of the print could also be affected. And it wouldn’t be surprising if the toner ran out in a few days.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this video which compares genuine toner cartridges vs. bargain toner cartridges.

The Bargain Brand Toner trap

As you can see, the toner cartridges that you lease at a bargain price do not last as long as the genuine ones. In addition to that, they also fail more often than their genuine counterparts.

So, that gets you wondering: what is the true cost of bargain toners? Probably a lot lower than what you buy them at. 

When in doubt, always validate your Xerox supplies. It helps you to identify genuine supplies. Here’s a short video that will help you distinguish real from fake Xerox products.

You can easily find a reorder number to reorder supplies if you visit the support page for your particular machine. You can also contact the local Xerox support center if you’ve faced damages or need more help.

Xerox Genuine Supplies

By now, we can all agree that genuine Xerox supplies are a lot better than bargain products, which are often counterfeits. When you buy essential supplies like toners and cartridges at bargain prices, you’re putting your printer and print at risk. With a genuine product, the output will be vibrant and consistent across all prints.