Do you rent your copiers?

An alternative to renting in Chicago

Sometimes businesses that only do copying at certain times during the year, or in batches simply rent their machines. This can be a good choice, but sometimes they could lease for the same price, or even less than they rent.

You need to consider:

  • How many copies you make in a month.
  • How fast you need your copier to be.
  • If you require special features like stapling, hole punching, tabloid, or color.

In some cases leasing is an overlooked alternative. If you do a lot of copies then leasing may be possible, plus you have access to a copier full time. If you need expensive advanced features then it may be smarter to stick with renting. You need to do some research, collect a couple of quote and just do the math to know whether this is a better solution for your particular situation because it always varies.

Are you in the Chicago metro area? If you can’t decide to lease or to rent then give us a call.