Document management partnership with M-Files

Document management, M-Files, and what it means to Chicago

Document management is fast becoming known in the business world. It’s something that is talked about, but sometimes misunderstood. In my experience a lot of people simple associate doc management with “scan to network” and I would like to dispel that notion and shed a little light on the document management system that we have partnered with, M-Files.

Document management has been used to refer to more than one idea over the years, and the result is a convoluted understanding of what it really is. Put simply, document management is a system. It stores content, it tracks changes made to it, and it makes finding the content simple. M-Files is arranged to be easily linked with Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, and a variety of other CRMs.

We’ve found that M-Files is awesome for companies attempting to gain ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 status and pharmaceutical companies wanting to be sure to meet FDA quality standards. It’s also excellent for businesses that have large amounts of paperwork like legal offices.

We can do a demo of this product if you want to understand it better. Just call.