Capturing – Document Management

How do you plan to capture you files

If you’ve been looking at document management systems then you may have heard the term “capture”. Capturing is the way you get your paper files converted into electronic form and into your doc management system (typically with a scanner or a copier). If your thinking about using your copier you may have talked with the manufacturer about their system. Each has it’s own, Scanflow for Xerox, KyoCapture for Kyocera, DocMP for Lexmark, Net Documents for HP, DocumentMall for Ricoh, etc. Most of these are only compatible with their manufacturer.

A solid document management system doesn’t require you to be stuck with a single brand. You should be able to capture, index, store, and retrieve your files simply and using multiple manufacturers. So if the system you are looking at doesn’t let you do these basic things then you may be in the wrong place.

For questions on document management feel free to call us, we would love to explain things so you know that you’re making the right decision.