Document management companies

Consider this before you choose in Chicago

Are you looking at document management? It’s not always a cut and dry decision, every company is a little different and it can be hard to know where to start. With our experience there are a couple of things that are worth some thought before you sign though.

How are you planning to do your indexing? Normally you can do it at the copier, or at a workstation in batches. We recommend the workstation approach to our clients. Scanning documents in in batches keeps you from forcing everyone in the office to learn how to run a new system. What’s more, if only one person does it it’s easier to remain consistent and there is less of a chance for input errors.

How are your files going to be stored? Unfortunately many document management companies go out of business (around 90% in fact). So if your files look something like h73r45b rather then vendor_a_12_3_2012_invoice_3436.pdf then you might be in trouble. How will you decipher your document management companies secret code if they go under?

If you are searching for a solid document management platform please call us. We have an excellent one and we have a great demo if you want to learn about it.