Save money on color printing

Do you print color in Chicago?

If you do a lot of color printing in Chicago then you need to be aware of the Xerox Colorqube line. These copiers can save you a lot on your color printing costs.

One of the things that helps keep costs low is the billing system for the Colorqube. Xerox has introduced a new three tiered billing system adding “Useful Color”. Traditionally you paid a certain cost for black and white and a certain one for color prints. Useful Color means that you can now put a small amount of color on a black and white print without being charged the full price for color. So if you put a color logo on a page, or you accidentally print a blue hyperlink you aren’t charged for a full color print.

These copiers do save you money as they offer such a low cost per print but they aren’t for everyone. I recommend that you find out how many color prints you actually do and see if it’s worth purchasing a Colorqube for the long run.

If you are looking for a color copier or printer in Chicago please call us.