Training for your copier

By travis / July 23, 2012 / Comments Off on Training for your copier

Do you get your employees trained in Chicago? Your copier is quite possibly the most sophisticated piece of office equipment that you own. Even the more simple copiers have thousands of hours put into their design. If your business is like most then you spent thousands of dollars on the copier that you have now. So…

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Is your copier a health risk?

By travis / July 6, 2012 / Comments Off on Is your copier a health risk?

You may be putting your Chicago employees at risk Have you heard of VOCs? If you answered no, then you probably don’t know that many copiers produce them. VOC is a term standing for volatile organic compounds and copiers often produce the VOC ozone. It’s good for the atmosphere, true, but it’s awfully hard on…

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Document management partnership with M-Files

By travis / June 28, 2012 / Comments Off on Document management partnership with M-Files

Document management, M-Files, and what it means to Chicago Document management is fast becoming known in the business world. It’s something that is talked about, but sometimes misunderstood. In my experience a lot of people simple associate doc management with “scan to network” and I would like to dispel that notion and shed a little…

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Do you rent your copiers?

By travis / June 13, 2012 / Comments Off on Do you rent your copiers?

An alternative to renting in Chicago Sometimes businesses that only do copying at certain times during the year, or in batches simply rent their machines. This can be a good choice, but sometimes they could lease for the same price, or even less than they rent. You need to consider: How many copies you make…

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Copier Costs

By Marketing Group / January 15, 2012 / Comments Off on Copier Costs

Chicago: Copier Costs Similar to other major purchases, copiers can come with hidden costs. It is highly recommended that you examine the most critical areas of cost in order to accurately determine and interpret the cost analysis of any given copier model. By examining individual costs, and extending this analysis to your operations, it is…

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For A Document Management Solution With Your Chicago Copier, You’ve Come To The Right Place

By jessesuitter / April 11, 2011 / Comments Off on For A Document Management Solution With Your Chicago Copier, You’ve Come To The Right Place

Some things are ridiculous. The picture above is definitely ludicrous, but sometimes you can seem like one of these if you’re letting your documents pile up and take up space in your Chicago office. Conversely, you can FEEL like the picture above if you’re paying too much for document management! Feeling like one or being…

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Used Copiers And The Chicago Copier Market

By jessesuitter / March 14, 2011 / Comments Off on Used Copiers And The Chicago Copier Market

In a city like Chicago there are so many opportunities to get great deals on used copiers! With how big this city is, there are always gently used copiers for sale for pennies on the dollar compared with what people pay for them new! If you’re in the market for a copier Chicago has what…

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