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Pay the Professional if Set-Up isn’t Included

A lot of times people think of paying somebody for setting up their new copier as an extra fee, because it is not included in the initial purchase cost of their new device, but this is because they think that “included” translates to “free” but this just isn’t the case. Having the set-up fee included…

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The Xerox Inventor

Chester Carlson the inventor The idea of “dry copying” paper has been a reality for less than sixty years. Before “dry copying” workers were either forced to copy by hand or use a number of less efficient “wet copying” or photographic methods. Many inventors conceive of ideas and then figure out how to develop a…

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Do you rent your copiers?

An alternative to renting in Chicago Sometimes businesses that only do copying at certain times during the year, or in batches simply rent their machines. This can be a good choice, but sometimes they could lease for the same price, or even less than they rent. You need to consider: How many copies you make…

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Used Copiers And The Chicago Copier Market

In a city like Chicago there are so many opportunities to get great deals on used copiers! With how big this city is, there are always gently used copiers for sale for pennies on the dollar compared with what people pay for them new! If you’re in the market for a copier Chicago has what…

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