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Xerox Copiers – Mobile Printing – Yuck

So we were trying to get a new Xerox Colorqube copier to print with the Xerox Mobile print app and here is our basic thought, yuck!  So, the reason we didn’t like it was all of the print jobs had to be routed to a Cloud based email service such as Gmail and then that…

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The Xerox Story

Dry copying is a relatively new method because it has only existed for less than sixty years. Before there was such a thing as dry copying workers needed to copy by hand or use wet copying methods that are just a lot less efficient. Chester Carlson’s lifelong pursuit was to invent a dry copying machine…

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Recycling an Old Copier

A lot of people do not know the proper etiquette for recycling an old copier. If you are getting rid of an old copier you should consider a few things before you go ahead with your decision. It is important to consider the environment. There are options like The Basel Action Network that tracks electronics…

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Recycling a Copier

If you have had a copier for years and need to recycle your old copier, there are a few things to consider. The first thing to consider is the environment.  The Basel Action Network tries to keep track of electronics recycling companies who do not ship cargo to Africa and Asia to be burned.  You…

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Used Copiers And The Chicago Copier Market

In a city like Chicago there are so many opportunities to get great deals on used copiers! With how big this city is, there are always gently used copiers for sale for pennies on the dollar compared with what people pay for them new! If you’re in the market for a copier Chicago has what…

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Leasing a Copier in Chicago

If Al Capone had picked a different business had it been available in Chicago he would have picked leasing copiers. While not illegal, the profits are absolute robbery when copier leases scam thousands of dollars unknowingly from businesses right here in Chicago. The only good thing about leases, and they are not all bad, is…

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