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Xerox Copiers – Mobile Printing – Yuck

By Marketing Group / June 19, 2014 / Comments Off on Xerox Copiers – Mobile Printing – Yuck

So we were trying to get a new Xerox Colorqube copier to print with the Xerox Mobile print app and here is our basic thought, yuck!  So, the reason we didn’t like it was all of the print jobs had to be routed to a Cloud based email service such as Gmail and then that…

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Buying a Copier

By pjacob10 / May 26, 2014 / Comments Off on Buying a Copier

Businesses in the Chicago area have continued to need copiers so that their offices can continue to function at an efficient level. Copiers have continued to help the modern office keep up with the modern workload that is expected from them.  In the Chicago area, Xerox has made a ton of options open to the…

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Insurance for Copier Leases

By pjacob10 / May 24, 2014 / Comments Off on Insurance for Copier Leases

When leasing a copier it is important that you avoid insuring that lease two times. This wouldn’t seem like a concern for people are new to the copier-buying process, but you might be surprised. We have seen several situations where people end up spending more money on insurance when their copier is already insured.  A…

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HP is Leading the Way

By pjacob10 / April 12, 2014 / Comments Off on HP is Leading the Way

HP started as two guys working out of a garage in Texas and has now blossomed into one of the leaders in Document management technology. It’s fair to say that those two probably didn’t even see the extent to which their business would have grown to by today. We have been able to get HP…

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The Xerox Inventor

By Marketing Group / September 27, 2013 / Comments Off on The Xerox Inventor

Chester Carlson the inventor The idea of “dry copying” paper has been a reality for less than sixty years. Before “dry copying” workers were either forced to copy by hand or use a number of less efficient “wet copying” or photographic methods. Many inventors conceive of ideas and then figure out how to develop a…

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Buy or Lease a New Copier?

By Marketing Group / December 12, 2012 / Comments Off on Buy or Lease a New Copier?

Should I buy or lease a copier in Chicago? The old copier has broken down beyond repair. The office needs to copy and print and being without is causing workflow blockage. What is a business owner to do? Should the owner put out the money to buy a new copier, or show he lease? Every…

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Color Copiers in Chicago

By Marketing Group / April 13, 2012 / Comments Off on Color Copiers in Chicago

Chicago Color Copiers Whenever a business manager or owner comes to us for advice about color copiers in Chicago, we do our very best to examine the details of their organization before suggesting a copier that will provide the greatest value possible. Our professional and experienced advice has received a lot of praise from businesses…

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Copier Costs

By Marketing Group / January 15, 2012 / Comments Off on Copier Costs

Chicago: Copier Costs Similar to other major purchases, copiers can come with hidden costs. It is highly recommended that you examine the most critical areas of cost in order to accurately determine and interpret the cost analysis of any given copier model. By examining individual costs, and extending this analysis to your operations, it is…

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Don’t Overcomplicate Your Copier Buying in Chicago!

By Marketing Group / March 23, 2010 / Comments Off on Don’t Overcomplicate Your Copier Buying in Chicago!

Have you been tearing out your hair trying to understand the crazy world of copiers in Chicago or Chicago Copier Sales?  This is pretty standard as most people make the simple mistake of trying to understand everything rather than trying to understand the important things really well!  Take for instance what happens when people begin…

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It’s Nice to Be Comfortable with Your Copier Company in Chicago, but there are Risks…

By Marketing Group / March 12, 2010 / Comments Off on It’s Nice to Be Comfortable with Your Copier Company in Chicago, but there are Risks…

You have had the same copier rep in Chicago for what seems like the last 109 years and it has always seemed to work out pretty well for you.  You have issues and they come fix the copier.  This is great, because there are many people out there who are super frustrated with their copier…

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